Is FBF Over Promised & Under Delivered? Find the Ultimate Truth Here….

There are too many weight loss programs available in the market and everyone recommends the best program based on their own theories with different criteria and only seldom a logical reasoning. Each individual has a unique body type or so to call tendency to respond to certain medicines, diet plans, exercises, etc. and that’s why what works for you may or may not work for your friend. So how do you answer the most FAQ – ‘Which weight loss program should I go for?’

There’s no foolproof and perfect methodology to answer this but I thought of sharing with you all what worked for me. I first began reading up online on the authors of Fat Loss Programs to gauge some understanding on their credibility. I started with the one’s I heard from my sister and my best friend. I shortlisted the 3 best programs and utilized their Free Trial offer to my best to experience what these programs actually offer. Try restricting your choice to at most 3 programs otherwise you’ll remain undecided forever! This is what I call the Golden Rule of 3.

Fat Burning Furnace, the Ultimate 15 minute Miracle Program

As I said, I found Fat burning Furnace to be the most genuine one and I wouldn’t mind using the term ‘The Fat Loss Bible’ for it! I couldn’t imagine, devoting only 15 minutes just thrice a week and losing all the extra calories. Sounds unbelievable, but it worked for me and I can’t thank Rob enough for it! I must compliment myself for practicing the mentioned set of exercises sincerely with the prescribed process. And as I combined it with a controlled diet, I witnessed some truly wonderful results. Initially, I couldn’t avoid spending hours in front of the mirror looking at my waist, but now I am getting used to it….grins. If you are someone who has already tried to lose fat by changing your diet and increasing your exercise routines but yet not seen effective results, this one’s definitely for you! But don’t forget that weight loss is essential to reduce those extra pounds, but it’s helpful as long as you stay fit and don’t look sick.

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The Diet Solution Program

Isabel de los Rios, the author of this program is a certified fitness professional. The program appears to be honest & informative. It appears she has drawn a lot of inspiration from the Atkins Diet plan. However, one aspect to be considered is that the program could get a little hefty on your wallet since it mentions consumption of some fruits and vegetables organically. This program is highly recommended to those who wouldn’t mind spending money, time & efforts on those organic foods each time to shed off that excess baggage of calories to look slimmer and feel fit.

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Top Secret Fat Loss Secret

Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst has done a brilliant job of launching this successful detox type weight loss program and it’s been a hit among the masses. Her rationale behind cleansing your body being the first step towards weight loss to get rid of the parasites, toxins and other body wastes with the right type of diet is certainly logical and appealing however there’s an equally important component which seemed to have been ignored and that is Exercise! Losing weight faster by simply controlling your food type and intake might help you in the short run but in the long run the pounds will just come right back. The program explains how to cleanse your body, but fails to go into detail on how to keep it going in future. Top Secret Fat Loss Secrets is a great program for anybody who wants to have a faster and easier time losing weight.

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Still Doubtful???


The scams & negative reviews did make me skeptical at the start but I found Fat burning Furnace to be the most genuine one. The other 2 programs are equally good but there were these 3 aspects that separated FBF miles apart from the other two -

1. It’s totally value for money, in fact I wouldn’t have mind spending a few more bucks to get it,

2. Being a compact comprehensive guide with easy to understand instructions it was even easier to apply instructions in real life

3. And it just takes 15 minutes of exercising that too only thrice a week. I mean you can’t get lazier than this!

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